Classic Granite Counter Top

Our Classic Granite Countertops come from high end quality materials. This beautiful countertop collection is also the more affordable choice. Without sacrificing on quality, you can have the classic look of granite fireplaces and countertops in your home today through our Classic Collection. All the granite choices we sell are durable and will stand up to anything you can dish out.

Typically, the classic granite countertop selection is more readily available in the market. That’s why they are priced lower than exotic granite countertops.

Remember, we can also help you create your dream kitchen using other materials such as Exotic granite countertopsOnyx countertops as well as Marble countertops.


Exotic Granite Countertops

Exotic granite countertops have the highest quality, with a high-gloss surface. Typically, the prices go up as the item becomes more rare and exotic. This rarity guarantees you get a countertop or granite fireplace not seen anywhere else. Our classic selection is from high quality material as well, but the rare, precious materials of our exotic collection give a unique look for your home improvement project. Look for our Exotic Granite countertops to offer more colorful and interesting pieces, giving you real value for your extra dollar.

Remember, we can also help you create your dream kitchen using other materials such as Classic granite countertopsMarble countertops as well as Onyx countertops.

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Granite Counter top

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